Trinkets... for my princess

This is China's last day of being 16 :( why do our kids grow up so fast? Anyway I made a couple of pieces for her today as she seems to like when I make her jewellery (bless her). Whilst up in my art room I also dabbled with a couple of other pieces.

Some more spectacles, a bracelet and a fob necklace for China.

It has been a really hot day today... but it was fab to be in my room with a cool breeze blowing through. Forgot to eat today, it was too hot, and hey it's not a bad thing once in a while!
Stuart and I did start to watch Gran Torino -need to see the end though, interuppted by his mate calling from England.
Jazz rang, he played for Sutton Reserves today, they won 4-1 but his day was made because is brother Dwain went to watch him play. He seems to be enjoying his football and lucky him he went round to my mate Sam's for Roast Beef this evening.

I can't believe that today as whizzed by so fast... scary really, Stuart is going to walk Stamford around the block and is looking at me all sad, Stuart not the dog - so looks like I am going to.. Thanks again for dropping by xxx Be Happy xxx


Linda East said...

These are awesome...China is a lucky girl on her birthday...what a great mum.

Barbara/myth maker said...

You're daughter is beautiful! I bet she loves those things you made for her.

inventivesoul said...

We enjoyed Gran' Turino.
I thought it was a clever movie.
Sad ending though.

We saw another "Turino" in the movie, The Fast and the Furious tonight.
I think Vin Diesel is *hot*!

Your jewelry pieces are beautiful!
China's dress is lovely too!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Beautiful jewelry for a beautiful daughter! *smiles*

barbara burkard said...

great post...!!!! i could just imagine the sad face...lol...

hugz and love

Kaz said...

gorgeous pieces Dawn, I think it's fab she likes your art, long may it continue!! :)

Renee said...

China is beautiful. Happy birthday beautiful girl.

She has the most beautiful legs I have ever seen.

Happy anniversary.


Karen Witte-Elkins said...

They definitely grow up too quickly. She is a lucky little girl to have custom couture jewelry made just for her. And isn't it great that she appreciates what you do?