New Kids on the Blog

well not new as such - just Jazz and China as drawn by me today. China was like "well I can tell that's me, but not sure about Jazz" I will wait till I get home to see what he thinks... anyway it was just another drawing exercise. Strange drawing real life people!

Stamford went to the vet today, he had an operation on a little growth on his eye - totally not impressed and has been feeling sorry for himself poor little love.

Stuart gets back from England tonight so it will be nice to see him, my own space has been enjoyable as I have drawn without feeling guilty.
This holiday will probably gallop along now as we only have 10 days left.
Tomorrow we are going up into the mountains to a wonderful restaurant - I will take pictures and post tomorrow.

Shame I am not home as Jazz is playing football tonight, fingers crossed he does well. China's exam results come out tomorrow but she won't know the outcome until the letter gets posted home as she can not go into school to pick them up. I told her don't worry cos you can't change anything now - the results are done and that is that.
Anyway I am watching the World Atheletics Championships so I will sign off (also I don't like to rabbit on too much in case you get bored!) Thanks for sticking with me xxx hugs to all xxx take care till next time....


Michele said...

How terribly exciting to live in two places like that! Lucky you! I enjoy reading your blog, hearing about your adventures, and seeing the pictures. It makes me feel like I'm almost there. :)

btw, Your dog is super cute, and looks like he's none to happy with his vet visit. Poor guy, hope he recovers quickly!

I like this journal page you did. You are very talented drawing people. I don't know what Jazz looks like for real, but I saw that picture of China on the blog and your drawing definitely looks like her. Great job!

Enjoy the rest of your stay in Spain!

Carol Stocker said...

Dawn, I am sooooo impressed with your sketches. You have a real talent for faces and I am green with envy! Hugs and kisses, Carol