Let's face it...

Today I thought hmmm what shall I do today... and the answer, well they say practise makes perfect so I decided to, wait for it..sure you will guess *giggle* draw some faces, not just abstract eyes floating on the page.... and this is what I came up with.

I know she isn't perfect but I am happy with her, for a couple of reasons - 1. I was happy the way her hair turned out, I have issues with drawing hair, but I was pleased with the look of this.
2 Her nose doesn't look to long and large as is the norm for my faces, so reasons to be happy....
AND what I love about her, she is MINE, created out of my imagination and that is so thrilling.. truly, I am chuffed about her.
Next face I will try to tweak but as an exercise for me, I think this was a success. Hey ho! happy Dawn (easily pleased aren't I!)

As for the rest of my day, well a friend visited this morning, Helen, after 12 years living here in Spain she is going back to the U.K..... sad for her, but I believe things happen for a reason and so she could be back again one day. She has written a book and it has been accepted by the publishers, well more than that, it has gone into print - can't wait to read it.

The remainder of my day was spent chilling, but mainly doing that drawing above after some quick sketches.
Caught up with some blogs, will be able to do more of that come Sunday as Stuart is flying home Sunday through to Wednesday to sort out things with the firm... :-( will be strange here without him!!!
Going to read some more of Eclipse as I have read none today... so that is me done for this post.

hugs xxx


Linda East said...

Hey Honey...your drawing looks great...I love the hair also...I love the shape of the face. I will email you some more ideas...luv mum

barbara burkard said...

and does "she" have a name? She looks perfect!!! No one person has perfectly proportioned portions...(and some of us are MORE proportioned than others...probably due to MORE PORTIONS..LOL....

but that is what this world is about! variety...and difference and sameness...and love glues that all together!

hugz and love!

Christy Laudig said...

Fantastic eyes! What's wrong with floating eyes? I happen to adore floating eyes!!! : )