Today is my 18th Wedding Anniversary and to celebrate I am going to be giving away this spoon...when you receive it I will have put it on to a chain. So want do you have to do? Leave a comment on my blog and I will check back on Sunday to make the draw using Random.org.
make sure that I can contact you to let you know if you have won

Had a lovely day so far, been out shopping,had quality time with my DH and out for a meal tonight.

No creating for me the last couple of days, I decided to watch a couple of films. Gran Torino was one of them... amazing film, won't spoil it for you in case you haven't seen it. Then I watched Seven Pounds with Will Smith - boy what a film, I cried myself to sleep after I have to confess... again I won't spoil but I do recommend both these films.

Right a girl needs to make herself beautiful for her DH so I shall leave off here
As always appreciate your dropping by big hugs and may you be as happy as me!


Genie said...

Happy Anniversary Dawn,
love the spoon

sandra tilley said...

Sound idyllic in Spain - you're obviously having a wonderful time -good food, good people(family)and relaxation what more could one want love Sandra x

JoAnnR said...

HAPPY 18TH ANNIVERSARY DAWN. Enjoy your dinner with DH and remember all the wonderful moments so far!
Jo~Ann R

barbara burkard said...

HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! love and hugz to you all!!!!!

Lyn said...

Oh to be in Spain right now - sunny Devon isn't living up to it's name, it's wet, wet, wet!
Wishing you both a happy anniversary :)
Hope China's friend could come to stay, my DD travelled to Venezuela and back (via JFK) when she was 17 - it's good for them!!

luverlie said...

Congrats. This is a beautiful giveaway. Thanks for allowing me to enter.

Karen Witte-Elkins said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Dawn!!!! 18 years is quite a feat in this day and I wish you and your beloved a wonderful, love-filled day. I am new to your blog, but have to tell you that it's awesome. I will be watching regularly now that I have found you! The little pice you made is stunning...

peggy gatto said...

You must be doing something right!!!!!
Darling spoon idea!!!!

Carolyn said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Dawn. You have just begun a long, endearing marriage. Come October, we will have been married 55 years...all my life.

I love your spoon. I have heard that artists alter them but have seen so few in person. A great blog prize.

Carolyn S

TUTU Monkey said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

What a beautiful give-a-way!!

Aubrey said...

HAPPY Anniversary!

Two great films there. They BOTH made me cry. LOL Definitely worth recommending!

Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you around again soon!

Christy Laudig said...

Dawn Dear....Happy Anniversary to you and your DH.

I love this little spoon...pearls and PW images...how devine! Whoever wins it will be one lucky ducky!!!


KV Creative Designs said...

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing your special day with us!

Artful Blessings,

Susan Burgess said...

Wow would love to win that piece! I think your daughter is really beautiful and your reflection is amazing as well. I sure don't look like that not even in a reflection Dawn! ANyways would love to win! So pick me, I always enjoy your work gf! Sanna

Barbara/myth maker said...

A very happy 18 years to you and your hubby, Dawn. May you have many many more!

Debi Minter from WY said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!
You look too young to be married 18 years with a 16 year old daughter!
I hope you guys have a wonderful day together!!!!!!!!

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

happy anniversary !! this spoon is stunning !!

CindyB said...

Hope you have a great anniversary celebration. Love the spoon.

Mónica Zúñiga said...

No wonder you are celebrating! Happy anniversary! OMG! How cool! :)
Much Love and Happiness years to come for you and your loved one!

Susie Jefferson said...

18 YEARS?????? No way... you look too young!

Well, the biggest congratulations ever - have a wonderful day. Lovely to see you still happy and all loved up! Love the spoon, by the way - great idea.

Renee said...

Love you too dear one.


SarahD said...

Happy Anniversary sweetie

pls pls enter my name into your giveaway and stop by mine for a giveaway if you have time
love Sarah xx

Tamerie Shriver said...

Happy Anniversary! And here's to 18 more, and then another 18 after that!
Please enter me in your giveaway, too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! This is a darling little spoon!

Heather (from PW)

Tami Roth said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Dawn!!! I'm so happy for you! I would love to be the lucky winner of your pretty spoon :)

arlene said...