Dolls and Gifts

Isn't it lovely when you get things through the post that you are so NOT expecting... The postman arrived with a package for me, I was wondering what can it be... I opened it and found this inside -

now this is a beautiful Wall hanging from my friend Barbara, she thought it was my Wedding Anniversary on the 8/3 when it is in fact on the 3/8 - that's what happens when you have different dating sytems, US v UK lol. I am so not complaining, hey why would I when I received this early THANKS BARBARA.
Just have to point out the label on the bottom left, it says "Golden Dawn" and was the brand name for the blanket that made up the backing for this piece - how cool is that!

Now I need to share with you a couple of WONDERFUL dolls, created by Patricia of Papillon Bleu; she is a very talented French lady and she lives about 1/2 hour from me her in Kent. I found her due to OWOH.
You may recall that she had a doll called Elegante who I purchased for China, my daughter... well then I asked her to create a doll for a special little girl called Rhosie, she is having her 1st Holy Communion in June and as I have been asked to be her Godmother I have been putting together some little gifts for her.
Patricia made this delightful little girl as a keepsake for the day...

(I will have to take another picture as I didn't realise her little crucifix is not hanging down the front, but the back)
She is perfect, and I am sure Rhosie is going to love her too.
My friend Lorraine needed cheering up so I saw this on Patricia's Etsy and thought that she would be looked after by Lorraine.
This is Mikiko, would you just look at her, she has little clay shoes on, and a clay face, exquisitely painted. She actually turned up on the day of the Japanese earthquake, very symbolic.
Lorraine LIKES ADORES her.. she was so happy. The two dolls arrived in this package
and because I knew what was in the packaging I took the box round to Lorraine's and let her unwrap Mikiko herself, we were enthralled by the little ballons, Patricia told me they had a party to celebrate going to a new home. So if you like dolls and storytelling it would be a good idea to visit Patricias blog and share in the stories of her dolls.

Jazz came home on Friday with these beautiful flowers for his mum - he does this randomly and I always love when he does... THANKS JAZZ
I don't want you all falling asleep now so I shall get outta here, take care till next time - HAVE FUN!!



Papillon Bleu said...

This is so sweet of you!!! Thank you for blogging about my art dolls!

The story of the wedding anniversary made me giggle! I am so confused with the spelling and vocabulary ' s differences in GB and US...not to mention being French doesn't help all the time either. LOL!

Have a beautiful week Dawn!

barbara burkard said...

the dolls are lucious!!!! it's so much fun to giggle across the world..over snafu's...isn't it! SENDING LOVE