Oops forgot to post

so playing catch up...
Had fun again with Prisma pencils,
so thought I would share with you, I think I would like to try and paint this one... we shall see.

What else have I been up to? Drinking this.... would you drink this?

Are you wondering what is in it? lol, it looks like something from a swamp, surprised I didn't find tadpoles and newts in there.
It is actually a smoothie created with spring greens, alfalfa and spinach.. I added 1/2 an apple and a cup of water. I have read a few blogs and facebook posts recently where these have been concocted and the person drinking has lost weight. I only want to loose about 10lbs so I think I can detox and see where this takes me... will try fruity ones too.

And now I just have to share with you a gift from my friend Lorraine, she presented me with this today
- an handmade box, created from scratch and beautifully decorated...
how special is that... absolutely stunning. Is it a box if it doesn't hold anything, probably,definitely, want to see what is inside?
This ceramic heart moved me to tears, I LOVE my friend Lorraine, she is a really special lady, and to get anything from her is a joy as she creates such exquisite art  - THANK YOU SO MUCH for this Lorraine - I will treasure it xxx

Comic Relief on this evening, shed too many tears already, Stuart can't cope so I have hit the record button and we are watching some other programme.
Crazy week with the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear problems in Japan, I keep thinking about the people who were swept away, who have not been found and just can't get my head around it - Life can be taken so quickly and unexpectedly, we need to cherish each moment and events such as in New Zealand and Japan should remind us of that...I am going to be quiet now.

Will post tomorrow - some things to show you xx

Take care and Live your life to the fullest



Terri said...

I am new to your lovely blog. Your pencil drawing is fab! I love her eyes, and her mood.
I drink green smoothies most mornings of the week. They are a good detox and very nourishing. I make mine with a few handfuls of romaine, some parsley, maybe kale, an apple, and a couple frozen bananas. I share this with others in my family, I don't drink it all by myself. Lol!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I wish that my prismas worked magic like your's do! what a gorgeous sketch! love it. As for the green drink - I think that I could do it! :)