A neat gadget

I have had a lovely couple of days as my youngest sister came up from Devon; she had been to visit her daughter, Stephanie in High Wycombe to sort out Wedding Invitations as Stephanie is getting married on 16th September. She then came to stay with me and the family for a couple of days. It was nice to sit and chat...lovely to see you Caroline.

As a result I obviously didn't get much art done, but hey ho, sometimes there are other things to do, like catching up lol.
Having said that I wanted to share this gadget with you

it is a Polaroid Pogo and it is a portable printer. It doesn't have ink cartridges to worry about it works by using some thermal technology. Basically you take a photo on your phone and then you can bluetooth it to this gadget and it will print it. (you can connect a camera via usb too).
Anyway I bought it before Christmas and it has sat there so I thought let me play with that!
I was amazed by the print quality, the images are 2 x 3 and I used one to do this...
This is one of my paintings printed using the Pogo. As you can see not bad quality eh? It has a peel of back so becomes a sticker. I stuck it on to an ATC block that I had decorated with a paper napkin, will finish it off, this is going to be a gift for someone visiting the UK.
IMAGINE what you could do with this, great for journals, cards, ATCs - well wherever your imagination takes you.
AND it is not expensive, I have just ordered a pink one for China to take on her travels so she can journal as she goes, got it off Amazon and the cost? £45.91 for the printer and 100 sheets of printer paper.
Hope you don't mind me sharing this gadget with you.
The sun is shining today - again, can't be England because we have had 3 days of sunshine in a row - maybe it is to ensure Di Russell-Horn who is visiting can enjoy her time here, no complaints from me!!!

Need to go an do shopping, I LOVE, sorry HATE food shopping, up and down the aisles wondering what to buy BLAH!
Hopefully it won't take long and I can get in my room... so till next time, Take care, Dawn

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Papillon Bleu said...

Dawn, I am gob smacked by this amazing printer! Thank you for sharing.

You know what? we have something in common: I hate food shopping too! LOL!