2012 is 11 days old...

and I promised myself that I would come back to my blog again, I have missed my little ramblings here - so I am going to make time to write as often as possible.

Since I last wrote a lot has happened in my life. As I mentioned I moved home, well I am pretty much settled in our new house..and work started on creating my art room

Now this shed when we moved in was full of so much crap and when Stuart suggested it might make a great room I was like "yeah right!!!" But he said to me that he would put windows in, board it out and see..

 The size of it is 15 x 8 foot, not a bad size at all, and I was able to see its potential once it was empty and the windows in.
 It had a new roof boards put on and then felted...

 windows going in
 Exterior before windows
 Inside prior to renovation

 Craig helping Stuart put in windows
See the light
 Empty and ready to rock and roll

 Insulation going on walls

Boarding up

Once the insulation was in he put sterling board over, he really did a great job. Then he decided to insulate the floor and put boards down on the concrete too. Mission accomplished - but not satisfied he finished off with skirting too.. as I saw it coming together I was getting more and more excited!!!!

And then today I started to put my stash in, and add art work to the walls - now it is starting to look like a space I can create in... want to see?
Some swaps from previous years, row houses, slippers and a photo frame with Maddy and Maxx  
 The lace trim is a plastic one from a Chinese bazaar in Spain, cost 80 cents but I knew what I wanted it for when I saw it at Christmas.
 Supplies being introduced, still lots of paints etc. to be put in the room.

 Love my paints

So as you can see the room is beginning to come together - tomorrow is another day, another day of fun
getting my room ready - Thanks for stopping by to visit
Till next time
Take care xxx


Barbara said...

scooted by....i saw some of the pictures on facebook..but LOVED all the before's...THE AFTERS are fantastic!!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Dawn, What a wonderful creative space!! I am in the process of finding a nook in my house for one too!! Right now everything is spread out all over the diningroom and kitchen!! UGH!! Thank you for visiting me!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!! xoxoxo

linda loe said...

Wow your Boop pad looks really great I ma shore you make some beautiful art in there