Outside building work

has started, by that I mean that the fence has been taken down and footings dug so that a brick wall can replace it.
This means that poor Stamford is restricted - something he is not used to; if he wants to go out he has to be on a lead so he doesn't wander on to the road, hopefully it won't take too long.

I am still sorting and organising in my room, boy oh boy, totally forgot so much of the stuff I have. I have decided that I will put what I am currently "in to" in my room and the rest can stay labelled in boxes so that if I need it I can access it in the loft.

I am hoping to get lots done in the next few days as Stuart has gone down to Spain to pick up the Ferrari.

My dear friend from Art Is...You Margarida Alberty went to Cambodia to help the orphan children over there. She posted on Facebook that she has had to go to Thailand as she is not feeling too good - I am hoping and praying that she is okay. Margarida had cancer and overcame it without chemo or radiotherapy, she is such an amazing lady so I pray she is going to be fine.

I promised to visit my blog more often so this is just a quick update as I really need to go and carry on sorting, if you can please say a prayer for Margarida,

Thank you, Dawn

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