Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

where did that week go, seriously. I was sure I had blogged during the week, but apparently not. So what has the week held for me?
More making tea, coffee etc. the boundary wall is looking like the Great Wall of Wrotham, we will be seeing pictures from space soon, lol. I cannot wait for it to be done as my room is still being used by the builders as there tea room, storage area...I have not complained - happy workers get work done quicker right?
Been counting down to China coming home - tomorrow she is home from Spain, and back to work Tuesday - 8 months of travelling has come to an end. She has been staying with her Nan since Christmas, they have loved it so much - really good! and China is coming home with lots of family pics, they have really bonded.

More faces this week, doing the Life Book 2012 - must confess I have to do some of the workshops, but I   can't copy peoples work - and so haven't got started, will have to make a start though, and tell myself that I am copying to learn...hmmmm just a mind set I have.

Anyway, been happy creating in my own way/style.. Postman came Saturday morning - with a WONDERFUL SURPRISE from my friend Betti, BZ to her friends..and I am a friend... any way this is what the postman delivered....

The box was decorated with Miss Boop

A card for me - BZ calls me "Golden Boop"

And then wrapped up oh so carefully was this AMAZING glass BETTY BOOP Xmas ornament
Isn't' she amazing, aren't I the lucky one - thank you BETTI
I will treasure her FOREVER

Stuart and Craig worked on putting windows in the stable so that it can be utilised. Looking good!

Then in the evening we went out to the an Indian Resturaunt in Tonbridge - Turmeric Gold, great company, food nice - but to be fair not enough waiters for the amount of people, but hey ho had an enjoyable evening so that is all that matters.A

Today Stuart went out on a run with Steve in the Mustang, I stayed home and sketched out my newest piece - MOTHER NATURE REFLECTS before they came home.
Then Sam and Mark visited, bringing a gorgeous Orange Cake, and we spend a lovely hour or so chatting and catching up.

Then down to the nitty gritty of colouring my newest piece...another weekend over ready for a new week to start with my daughter home.
Serviettes/Napkins make wonderful backgrounds

So here's hoping you have had a great weekend, till next time ADIOS x

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Barbara said...

TIME has a way of disappearing without notice...quietly...undetected...its absence not seen until it can't be rewound.