Baby it's cold outside!

The temperature has dropped considerably in the last few days, Arctic snap...a little smattering of snow, as long as it stays like that fine, but forecast to drop to -10 Thursday night. I hate the cold, give me sunshine any day!
So the builders continue to build the "Great Wall of Wrotham" - looking good and nearing the end now, can't wait for that so I can get in to my room, it is so close but so far, but as I said before it is a tea room for them and as it is so cold who am I to be mean and deprive them.

China came home yesterday, so to be fair that is a bit of sunshine in our lives...first task for her was to sort out her "dressing room" - a few hours later and she had finished; I hope to not hear the words out of her mouth "I have nothing to wear" - believe me she has more than enough to wear!!!

I have a few classes that I will be taking this month...luckily some of them are open-ended so can do as and when I can.
I am doing a class with the lovely Ady Alamanza
Visit Doll dreams ...
She creates the most amazing "dolls"... Also doing a class with Dion Dior Dion creates the most amazing pages using her Twinkling H2Os, and I will be doing a Prisma pencil class with her to. And finally I am starting a class with the lovely Joanne Sharpe Do you spend ages creating journal pages/art and then feel you have ruined the whole thing with your writing/lettering? I do so I am excited to be doing a class with Joanne. I have created a couple of girlies since my last blog, I will add some words to them both once I have the confidence that I know I will get from Joanne, here they are...

I used PaperArtsy Hot Picks stamps - HP1008EZ, HPXT02EZ and HP1005EZ
This picture made me realise that I like to draw faces on a larger scale so that I can get the detail right.
I tried to rub out the eyes and re-do but it still is not right to me, but it is a lesson I have learned about my capabilities, so all is good.

This lady was created with Prisma pencils.
PaperArtsy Hotpicks HP1009EZ
I then coloured with Twinks.

That's it for this post - if you can drop by the sites mentioned, seriously you will be in for a treat,

Ciao. have fun doing whatever it is that you do today.


Wabbit said...

Stay warm! Have fun with your classes! Marilyn


beautiful work, as always...have a great time in your classes...

just visited your Art Is blog and am touched by your sweet words. Love you!!

thanks too, for your sweetness over at my blog :)