Baby it's cold outside!

The temperature has dropped considerably in the last few days, Arctic snap...a little smattering of snow, as long as it stays like that fine, but forecast to drop to -10 Thursday night. I hate the cold, give me sunshine any day!
So the builders continue to build the "Great Wall of Wrotham" - looking good and nearing the end now, can't wait for that so I can get in to my room, it is so close but so far, but as I said before it is a tea room for them and as it is so cold who am I to be mean and deprive them.

China came home yesterday, so to be fair that is a bit of sunshine in our lives...first task for her was to sort out her "dressing room" - a few hours later and she had finished; I hope to not hear the words out of her mouth "I have nothing to wear" - believe me she has more than enough to wear!!!

I have a few classes that I will be taking this month...luckily some of them are open-ended so can do as and when I can.
I am doing a class with the lovely Ady Alamanza
Visit Doll dreams ...
She creates the most amazing "dolls"... Also doing a class with Dion Dior Dion creates the most amazing pages using her Twinkling H2Os, and I will be doing a Prisma pencil class with her to. And finally I am starting a class with the lovely Joanne Sharpe Do you spend ages creating journal pages/art and then feel you have ruined the whole thing with your writing/lettering? I do so I am excited to be doing a class with Joanne. I have created a couple of girlies since my last blog, I will add some words to them both once I have the confidence that I know I will get from Joanne, here they are...

I used PaperArtsy Hot Picks stamps - HP1008EZ, HPXT02EZ and HP1005EZ
This picture made me realise that I like to draw faces on a larger scale so that I can get the detail right.
I tried to rub out the eyes and re-do but it still is not right to me, but it is a lesson I have learned about my capabilities, so all is good.

This lady was created with Prisma pencils.
PaperArtsy Hotpicks HP1009EZ
I then coloured with Twinks.

That's it for this post - if you can drop by the sites mentioned, seriously you will be in for a treat,

Ciao. have fun doing whatever it is that you do today.


Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

where did that week go, seriously. I was sure I had blogged during the week, but apparently not. So what has the week held for me?
More making tea, coffee etc. the boundary wall is looking like the Great Wall of Wrotham, we will be seeing pictures from space soon, lol. I cannot wait for it to be done as my room is still being used by the builders as there tea room, storage area...I have not complained - happy workers get work done quicker right?
Been counting down to China coming home - tomorrow she is home from Spain, and back to work Tuesday - 8 months of travelling has come to an end. She has been staying with her Nan since Christmas, they have loved it so much - really good! and China is coming home with lots of family pics, they have really bonded.

More faces this week, doing the Life Book 2012 - must confess I have to do some of the workshops, but I   can't copy peoples work - and so haven't got started, will have to make a start though, and tell myself that I am copying to learn...hmmmm just a mind set I have.

Anyway, been happy creating in my own way/style.. Postman came Saturday morning - with a WONDERFUL SURPRISE from my friend Betti, BZ to her friends..and I am a friend... any way this is what the postman delivered....

The box was decorated with Miss Boop

A card for me - BZ calls me "Golden Boop"

And then wrapped up oh so carefully was this AMAZING glass BETTY BOOP Xmas ornament
Isn't' she amazing, aren't I the lucky one - thank you BETTI
I will treasure her FOREVER

Stuart and Craig worked on putting windows in the stable so that it can be utilised. Looking good!

Then in the evening we went out to the an Indian Resturaunt in Tonbridge - Turmeric Gold, great company, food nice - but to be fair not enough waiters for the amount of people, but hey ho had an enjoyable evening so that is all that matters.A

Today Stuart went out on a run with Steve in the Mustang, I stayed home and sketched out my newest piece - MOTHER NATURE REFLECTS before they came home.
Then Sam and Mark visited, bringing a gorgeous Orange Cake, and we spend a lovely hour or so chatting and catching up.

Then down to the nitty gritty of colouring my newest piece...another weekend over ready for a new week to start with my daughter home.
Serviettes/Napkins make wonderful backgrounds

So here's hoping you have had a great weekend, till next time ADIOS x


Weekend is over and a new week begins

How did I spend my weekend? Well a quiet day on Saturday as Stuart was at work. Managed to get some drawing done, I love it when I can get my pencils out and just have fun...each face brings me so much pleasure. Having said that I need to get to work on my Life Book exercises, I think I am scared of it, why, because it is working in a style that is different for me, and I will have to look at things totally different.

Anyway here is a view of what I created on Saturday

Decided to do a full length sketch

Here I tried to do something with the eyes, make her have a different look

Sunday morning Stuart and I were up early for a breakfast meet with some of our TVR pals, we went to The Little Brown Jug, Chiddingstone Causeway. Nice little chat with Pat and Ian, Terry, Fred and Nick and Carrie, oh and a delicious breakfast.

Then when we got back home, ME time... well not till later but had fun again drawing.

and then when on Facebook I saw mention of an app for iPad/iphone called Grungetastic...well I think it is amazing, seriously and for 69p, (99 cents) it allowed me to change my pictures to these...

can you imagine what you can do with these? It has opened up the possibility of using more of MY drawings in my creations, I am excited at the thought of where I can go, image transfers, sticky back canvas, wow! I am going to be able to play, play, play!!! So WATCH THIS SPACE...

The day for me finished on an high note when my beloved Real Madrid won 4-1, now all they have to do is BELIEVE in themselves when they face Barcelona in the 2nd leg of the Copa del Rey this week, wishing and hoping and praying..
That's it for now


Home Alone

well without the hubby, had so many plans to get more stuff in to my art room today but a headache put paid to that! I woke up with it and it took most of the day to shake it.
The building of the wall is progressing nicely, can't wait for it to be done. The alarm system in the house is all up and running so that is a good thing.

Later in the evening I started to draw in my moleskin and had some fun creating...

This was the 1st drawing I did with my prisma pencils.
I decided that for a change I would use a different colour for the hair.

This was the 2nd lady I created.
The hair is done with graphite pencil and then highlights by removing pencil with a rubber.

I must admit to enjoying the pleasure I get from just sitting down and seeing what sort of girl I come up with.
I also skyped with Francine, whom I met at Art is..You, that was fun and she is no longer a Skype virgin!

The day passed and at 7.45 p.m. I suddenly remembered I had not eaten today, oopsie! mind you I am endeavouring to loose weight so it is not the end of the world.

Thats it for this post, ciao.


Outside building work

has started, by that I mean that the fence has been taken down and footings dug so that a brick wall can replace it.
This means that poor Stamford is restricted - something he is not used to; if he wants to go out he has to be on a lead so he doesn't wander on to the road, hopefully it won't take too long.

I am still sorting and organising in my room, boy oh boy, totally forgot so much of the stuff I have. I have decided that I will put what I am currently "in to" in my room and the rest can stay labelled in boxes so that if I need it I can access it in the loft.

I am hoping to get lots done in the next few days as Stuart has gone down to Spain to pick up the Ferrari.

My dear friend from Art Is...You Margarida Alberty went to Cambodia to help the orphan children over there. She posted on Facebook that she has had to go to Thailand as she is not feeling too good - I am hoping and praying that she is okay. Margarida had cancer and overcame it without chemo or radiotherapy, she is such an amazing lady so I pray she is going to be fine.

I promised to visit my blog more often so this is just a quick update as I really need to go and carry on sorting, if you can please say a prayer for Margarida,

Thank you, Dawn


2012 is 11 days old...

and I promised myself that I would come back to my blog again, I have missed my little ramblings here - so I am going to make time to write as often as possible.

Since I last wrote a lot has happened in my life. As I mentioned I moved home, well I am pretty much settled in our new house..and work started on creating my art room

Now this shed when we moved in was full of so much crap and when Stuart suggested it might make a great room I was like "yeah right!!!" But he said to me that he would put windows in, board it out and see..

 The size of it is 15 x 8 foot, not a bad size at all, and I was able to see its potential once it was empty and the windows in.
 It had a new roof boards put on and then felted...

 windows going in
 Exterior before windows
 Inside prior to renovation

 Craig helping Stuart put in windows
See the light
 Empty and ready to rock and roll

 Insulation going on walls

Boarding up

Once the insulation was in he put sterling board over, he really did a great job. Then he decided to insulate the floor and put boards down on the concrete too. Mission accomplished - but not satisfied he finished off with skirting too.. as I saw it coming together I was getting more and more excited!!!!

And then today I started to put my stash in, and add art work to the walls - now it is starting to look like a space I can create in... want to see?
Some swaps from previous years, row houses, slippers and a photo frame with Maddy and Maxx  
 The lace trim is a plastic one from a Chinese bazaar in Spain, cost 80 cents but I knew what I wanted it for when I saw it at Christmas.
 Supplies being introduced, still lots of paints etc. to be put in the room.

 Love my paints

So as you can see the room is beginning to come together - tomorrow is another day, another day of fun
getting my room ready - Thanks for stopping by to visit
Till next time
Take care xxx