Back again..

2 days in a row, here I am blogging again...
So today the sun was shining, lifts me immensely but the wind was so cold, so good and bad with the weather. I love the sun and hope that we have a few days of it not the usual one and it's gone...fingers crossed.

So last post yesterday I mentioned that I had been creating in the "Palace", normally I post what I create to Facebook as most of us do these days...one of the reasons I haven't blogged for so long I suppose. I digress, back to working in the "Palace"...as I say I normally post to Facebook but today I am blogging about my latest creation - because call me silly but since the reception my "No Time" piece got in the auction (previous post) I feel pressured to live up to that.
I do my art in my lovely Palace just for the thrill of it, no thought to how others might receive it, look at it, I just do it..and then "No Time" was such a surprising success and so I am scared to put my newest pieces on Facebook.
Now being a coward and knowing I haven't been blogging for a while it is easier to post it here as I cant imagine that many people pass this way now..so here goes nothing.

This 1st girl is Journal Muse - just love the written word, hence the inspiration for this girl.

 The 2nd girl reflects my "obsession" for want of another word for sewing. It is the part of me that so badly wants to feel comfortable around a needle and thread, a sewing machine - who fervently wishes that she could take a piece of fabric and zig and zag, sew and stitch to create...BUT for me it just doesnt happen.
I have this mental block - and so I just dream about achieving it. In the meantime I love to pick up
sewing ephemera, I collect it like a magpie - and as I was in my room I just wanted to create her, and here she is.
So for all you who do create with fabric I envy you your abilities... I must make it a goal to overcome it, after all I made drawing faces a goal and have come a long way from when I started.

For now my Sewing Muse will have to be enough for me..

That's it for today, short and sweet but another day blogging
Thanks for dropping by.


Kaz said...

Hey lovely lady!! You've been missed!! I'm so glad you are back blogging! Love love love your ladies just gorgeous xxx

Sandie said...

So glad you have posted these latest pieces of art, Dawn. They are both amazing. Please don't be shy about what you do. You don't need to... you are on the right path... creating from the heart. Your work is so original and beautiful. Be proud of it!!

Linda said...

your portraits are so gorgeous Dawn, so full of depth and richness! I for one am so glad you're blogging again as I am so bad about keeping up in FB or even posting much there.

Peggy Parker said...

Dawn, I love your sewing girl!