A quiet day for me on the whole, mainly spent doing.....HOUSEWORK!!! FUN TIMES or what. Clouds were grey so I thought I would get the business of cleaning out of the way and see where the day took me.

This morning I spoke to the lady who bid on the auction piece and when I heard why she bought it I was very touched - it went to the right home.
I would tell you but wouldn't without her say so, it's nothing terrible, just that she told me and I was touched..

Macaroni cheese for dinner, easy and quick, family watching "Banshee" on Catchup so I headed out to my room..yay!
When I get in my room before I start creating I pick up my iPod and decide what music I will be listening to.
This evening it was a 70s mix - started of with "Stone Love" Diana Ross, love this tune, it lifts me...
What do you like to listen to when you are creating?

And here I give you a sneak preview of my latest piece...I am only showing a hint as she is a work in progress, and I did promise to blog.

So Thanks for visiting - off to watch "Revolution" now..till next time, take care and have fun out there


Aleta said...

ooooh Dawn, she is beautiful - can't wait to see her finished! I love that the person who bid on your piece told you why and what it meant to her. that is awesome. As it obviously has special meaning to her, I am super glad she got it!

Barbara said...

Just a taste
..a sweet sample of deliciousness to come!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

Sandie said...

That is a beautiful face, Dawn. She is eye catching.
So lovely to hear that you spoke to the lady who won your piece in the auction. Knowing a story can be so meaningful and special. Glad it has gone to the right home.