Zoo trip and Featured Artist and other bits and bobs.

The family and I went to Port Lympne zoo today. We went with our friend Steve and his girls. Not really the best day to go as the weather didn't co-operate but it was fun.
£26.95 entrance fee for 4 adults - didn't think we were going to see any animals at all but we did.

They obviously weren't in a good mood due to the showers - the gorillas were great to watch, the safari was good too. I would love to do a bit of glamping there - to wake up and look over the Kent countryside for miles and see the animals in the watering hole, that would be fun.
Check out on this link Port Lympne Elephant Lodge

Other news I am honoured to be, wait for it, THE FEATURED ARTISTon the blog of Lynne Suprock...how crazy is that, I am bemused that is says "artist" seems strange saying that in the context of me, but my friend Jane said to me that is what I am now. There are lots of wonderful things to read and learn on Lynnes blog - check it out, you won't regret it.

The picture below was one of the auction lots on Hope for Oklahoma organised by Heather Ales to raise funds for the people of Moore, it is a bracelet and ear-rings and a gift of the other necklace. It is absolutely beautiful, so glad I own it.

My friend Jane (not the one mentioned above but another one) came over to play in the Palace Boop a Doop yesterday and she brought me over a gift she made me, this pinny which if for my Art is You visit in October.
She proved she listens to me because it says "Art is...Life" this years theme, it has the heart and wings which is a logo on the website and in case I should forget - my name in appropriately gold lettering. I have to confess it brought tears to my eyes, I shall wear it with pride.

Another early birthday present came from my friend Ian in Alberquerque, NM. He so kindly made me this moon stone - my birth date - 20th July - was the day man landed on the moon, I remember watching it as an 8 year old. What a super duper considerate gift that I will treasure, I have some wonderful friends!

For dinner this evening I made Chilli Chicken, courtesy of Jenny and Aaron of Everyday is a holiday blog
Wow is all I can say, a scrumptious dinner, check it out and give it a whirl it is De-licious!!!

An update before I go on the ducklings, mummy and baby are doing well, growing and happy - so I am happy.
That's it for today

Take care and have fun wherever you are x


Sandie said...

I've never been to Port Lympne Zoo. We had lovely weather today, sorry to hear you had showers. The glamping sounds a wonderful idea, you could pretend to be on safari!

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