Antique Fairs and Prom Dresses!

Saturday Lorraine and I went to an antique fair in a local village. We had a great time mooching about looking at all the bits and pieces. I found this book (£1) the little sewing tin, which when I opened had the pen nibs inside...(£3.50)
and the little jewellery pieces for £1.
I also worked on this rinky dinky tag book. I tried to post this earlier but for some reason blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures so the writing is brief.
Went looking for a prom dress for China but no joy, have to hit the shops again soon to try and find that elusive dress...nightmare; long, short, what color all questions unanswered - she will "know" the dress when she sees it. I can relate to that so I will grin and bear it, June 19th will come around so quick!!! Hopefully she will find that perfect dress sooner rather than later
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darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Oh Dawn sounds like you had a great time, I love going to auctions , garage sales to find all kinds of goodies. You got some fantastic stuff.

Thank you for ALL your comments on my blog you are so nice. Thanks again.

barbara burkard said...

oh that prom dress thing brought back sooo many memories of my three girls...shannon was the easy one to shop for...she didn't go to many dances...she met kevin (maddy and maxx's daddy) between 6th and 7th grade...but they only went to one or two dances...he lived 45 miles away...then miss kaleigh...goodness we could have opened a dress shop with her...WARDROBE..."couldn't be seen twice with the same dress..." lol then my danielle was in shannons wedding and she used and reused the bridesmaid dress..."mom this dress is fine...why spend sooo much for something i won't wear again"...lol...all three were sooo different...!

mary schweitzer said...

What great finds, and what a terrific surprise in the tin.
Clothes shopping GROAN! My prayers are with you LOL!

Jeanie said...

Your tag book is beautiful -- and what wonderful finds! I've not been antiquing proper (except for the old book/paper show) for a long while and am eagerly awaiting summer to do it again!

Eastjewels said...

Hey Dawn...maybe now that you have those new found sewing skills you should sew a prom dress for China..
...LOL...just kidding. I love your antique fair treasures. I think you tag book is great I don't know why you called it rinky dinky...maybe that has a different meaning in UK> I think it is precious....just like it's maker