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This picture shows the drawers I use for my collage sheets; the sheet used to be stored in order of the place that I purchased them from Paper Whimsy, Artchix, etc. but it was a nightmare when I wanted to do something, as I had to look through all of the drawers to get the image I wanted. Now if I want to use an image of a girl I just pull out the drawer labelled girls, like wise if I wanted men, nature, scraps etc...you get the picture.

My books are in here too, as are my sewing items, grungeboards, melting pot, all sorts of paraphanalia...
It gives me a clear head being able to see everything.

Now I can get stuck in to crafting instead of hunting and searching when I want something.
I have a stack of Really Useful boxes with more bits in and more stuff, stamps etc. in the drawers under my desk. Hope you have enjoyed seeing my room now.
As it is the weekend I won't really get a chance to put it into use until Monday but I am looking forward to going in there....

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morningDove said...

thanks for showing us your studio and storage. Great ideas. Never thought of Chinese carriers. While looking at your room one thing struck me. Do we have enoug insurance on our home? truly if something happen how would we ever get back what we've put into it.
Any suggetions?