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I have spent the last couple of days trying to getting some organisation into my art room. Boy oh boy what a job it turned out to be. Now I feel that I have a semblance of organisation which will enable me to get on and create art knowing where to put my hands on my collage sheets and embellishments not to say paints etc.
This first picture shows my acrylic dabbers, reinkers etc (stored in a custom made tray by my lovely neighbour). Below it I have all sorts of embellishments in chinese take away trays. I have labelled them for ease of identification and numbered them, what I intend to do is write what is in each numbered box and put it on a sheet taped to the inside of my supplies cupboard.

Can you see the little wooden "stamps" in the window, these are like the things (for want of a better word) that Tim Holtz puts his felt pads and the foam pads for using with re inkers, these were again made by my wonderful neighbour Gordon.

This shot is of part of my shelf, the little cabinet with drawers in holds all manner of goodies, rusted items, buttons, metal charms, bottle tops etc.etc.That is the first part of this post, another to follow
p.s. These postings are now out of synch as the images didn't upload and I have had to play around in blogger to sort it out, this was originally the 1st post in respect of my room but it is now the last uploaded!!!


Ms Dragonfly said...

thank you Dawn for stopping by and telling me how you found me, i appreciate it :) i've got your blog trapped in my pop up comment window like you have so i can't see your blog but i'll take a peek after this comment. have a great week!

Eastjewels said...

Wow..Dawn, I am totally impressed with your "spring cleaning" and organizing project. This looks great I need to do this also...you go girl.

Anonymous said...

Well , i must say Dawn that looks a hell of a lot better than it did.
I can see you have definitely been doing your spring cleaning......lol
Love Lorraine xx

Linda Manning Findley said...

oh Dawn I think you have as much stuff as I do ..... lol ... looks good and you should be able to find everything - once you remember where you put it ....... Linda F

Jeanie said...

Would you mind if I moved in? Do you hire out? My space, I fear, is not so tidy. Nice job! (I'm catching up on my blog visiting... you've been busy! Stop by the Gypsy for Artiscape and other catch-up -- By tomorrow (I hope -- unless work gets in the way -- I will do the six-word memoir!)

mary schweitzer said...

I am soooo impressed! What a great job you did! Maybe you will inspire me to clean my space...nah!