What to do waiting for the T.V. repair man

Don't you just hate it when you HAVE to wait in for something, Repair man, Parcel - whatever...Generally I pace up and down waiting for the knock at the door.
Today I thought to take my mind of it I would do something constructive. I had received a package with 2 decos to work in, and I had another to do - I hadn't started it as I was trying to plan it in my head.
So this morning I packed China off to school with Lorraine and got down to it...
These are the results of my "labour" - or should I say "fun time" - Stuart my husband popped in about 12 and I said "I haven't done the housework yet - got more important things to do" he said "let's see what you have been doing then" so I showed him as I am showing you.

This was the 1st spread I worked on, it is for Keri in her "Romance Deco". I love this book, it is a hand made one made with cardboard.

This 2nd deco is also a "Romance Deco" and it was created by Jo Crabtree. It is a delightful little book in that the pages pop open when opened. My page was the middle of the book so didn't pop; The poem in the page is one I wrote back in 1981, I found an old poetry book of mine recently so decided to incorporate the poem.

This final deco was for Cathy Johnson's "Vintage Deco". She sent out her deco with a selection of vintage photos and the "challenge" was to create a make believe family album. So I chose Priscilla as my family member and decided that she loved to play the piano in the drawing room.
These will go in the post tomorrow as it doesn't look as if I will get out today waiting for that repair man...this is one time that it has been a pleasure to wait in.!


Eastjewels said...

Dawn..these are awesome...I'm not sure what "Decos" are...but these pages are so beautiful...I love that Stuart is always interested in what you are creating..that is so cool...

mary schweitzer said...

These are just lovely. So female and soft feeling. Brilliant!

Keri Pettit said...

SUPER pages! Now I'm doing the happy dance over your page in my Deco!

Anonymous said...

Dawn , you've done well girl.....lol. These are fantastic and so much more better in real life .And the poem is beautiful , and all your own words , love it
Lorraine xx

Jeanie said...

So pretty -- love the use of the music on the last piece. Very nice indeed!

paru's_circle said...

eamiled you a couple of days ago as per your request.

barbara burkard said...

AWE INSPIRED LOVELINESS!!! WOW! i'm thinking the tv repair person should take his/her time...lol...