New Spring Canvas

I decided to change the canvas in the previous post. So I scraped off lots of the elements and decided to start again.
This time I came up with this piece, which I think is better...? As I said I have a lot of learning to do, but the fun is in the trying, Thanks to Angela for her response to the last post (on Next Generation Stampers) and Annie - appreciated!!!
So what do you think of this new one?
I did it quick cos my lot are at football - a semi final, which they have won (China just called to let me know) 4-1 Hallelujah! I haven't been near my craft room since Friday so wanted to do "something" Thanks for dropping by xxx

This is what it looks like after getting feedback - consensus was that the fibres distracted too much so they have had a trim! Thanks girls for your help....

I must admit it looks sooooooooooo much better now! more power to art friends xxxx


Carol ~ Spirit's Journey Designs said...

Hi sweetie! I missed the first canvas posting and am blown away by the new piece! It's beautiful
Dawn...good composition, color, layers, textures. Well done!

mary schweitzer said...

I love this, so ethereal and delicate! Perfect!
Thanks for visitng my blog.

Val Foster said...

Hi Dawn. I really like this piece. It does evoke a feeling of spring. Are the images transferred onto it? The buttons look cool.

Also, thanks for your condolences on my blog. I appreciate it.

Christy said...

To answer your question, yes, I would very much like to receive a canvas from an artist in a swap. Your canvas is very pretty. I like the first but agree it was a bit darker than the revised version. I like the revised version as it does feel more springtime like. The only thing I would add is that there needs to be a tad bit of color in the lower right corner to balance it. Maybe give the flower some color, or maybe some color behind the flower as I do like the flower as it is.

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Dawn, the second time is a charm you did a beautiful job and I'm positive anyone would be thrilled to receive it!

Annie said...

Oh yes Dawn :)

Cathy said...

It's Perfect! It really says SPRING. I love the addition of the buttons!

Dawn said...

Christy found your comment, it got archived before I read it....
so here it is now on my blog.
thanks for feedback, the flower has lilac markings on it, but they don't show up, but I love what you have had to say....see that is what I am talking about...opinions!!! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU!

Tonya said...

I love what you have done with your second try. The colors are great. The flower, butterfly & girl with the basket all say spring. I too would love to recieve this canvas in a swap.

Angela said...

I already said in on the e-mail group, but I love the re-do.

Also wanted to say that I know how hard it is to get honest reviews. Go to Craftster.org and see what people are saying about pure crap :-p


Kelly said...


Heather Robinson said...

I love that you asked for artful opinions and that you showed us before and after photos. More power to you for trying different looks. The end piece is really soft and lovely.

Dana said...

Hi Dawn,
This piece turned out so nicely! I saw the first one and I like the redo a lot. Layers are hard to do - wipe on, wipe off. When to stop? Take a look at kelly rae roberts' stuff on-line - she does a wonderful job of layering color. BUT, I do like yours and the depth of your layers is great.

I've got Romance Decos ready to mail to you today. I got a batch at one time - now you will too!