Practise book for Altered Book RR

As I am doing this RR and don't want to muck it up I thought I would create a practise book, to try out bg's, layouts etc. before commiting them to the book.
I created this bg and will develop it before committing it, I may decide not to use it, I will use the a, b c letter as they are going to be chipboard in the book, this is just a drawing of them with the color that they are. I can add images to this page to try out layouts just so that I will be 100% sure.
I will also do dummy runs for the other pages that I will be working on and in this way I will have a record of the books that I have worked on once they have been returned to the owner.
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mary schweitzer said...

I love this. It is perfect for the theme. So playful and cheery, just like you!

Eastjewels said...

OK Dawn the "obsesive artist"...you are toooo organized...what a great way to keep track of your ideas, plus work out any problems before putting them in the art work...when I was into ceramics I used to keep a journal for ideas and glaze formulas...I just never thought about doing this kind of journal to work out my ideas for art projects...when stuff pops into my head I just write it down, this is better, actually put the work in the journal and work out the "bugs" first...You are such a smart and sweet "woman" artist..."I am Artist watch me paing"...just a little Eastism for you. Take it or leave it...lol.. LUV LE

Christy said...

I haven't been here for a few days and bam you have all of these posts for me to read :)
I love your practice AB. This page is beautiful to me I love all of the color! -Christy