Gothic Arch arrive...

At last my Gothic Arches have arrived. I nearly accosted the poor postman everyday waiting for these. This morning I resigned myself to the fact that they would not be here today either, and the reverse psychology worked because as you can see they did turn up YIPPEE!!!!
So who are the talented artists whose work I received in this swap [l-r]
Karen Ouellette,Marcy Hudziak,Ann Hartman and the bonus Arch was from Caryl Hoobler.
Thank you ladies for your wonderful arches, I have displayed them on a frame for now so that I can look at them and decide whether to bind them or not.


Jeanie said...

Beautiful arches! What a totally delightful mail call! Thanks for sharing these with us!

paru's_circle said...

lovely arches!! looks like you have made a whole lot of blogging friends too ;-) I have put aside arches for a while to make little houses and cross stitch

Carrie said...

Wow Dawn - you have been busy - some gorgeous work here and I spot those fab fairy shoes - they look amazing - you have done a wonderful job on them.
Carrie xx