Spring Canvas

So we take a canvas, it is blank and we look at it and wonder what we are going to create; does that sound familiar to you.
To be honest a blank canvas is rather intimidating to me. I visualise so well in my head and then I find when I go to transfer that image to my chosen canvas I start to have so much self doubt. I know that art is a new journey for me and that I have so much to learn, I want to have all that knowledge NOW! I have tried to create a Spring Canvas here, I wanted to use layers as I see so often in others art but don't know if I have achieved a crisp image, whether this looks muddy - so I would appreciate honest feedback here if you don't mind - I will really appreciate your time on this one.
That's all I can say on this for now...will wait to hear what you have to say THANKS XXX


Annie said...

Hi Dawn
I like this concept.You can certainly send it to me.
Maybe it just needs something to make it 'pop' a little?
Maybe some gold brilliance, a little dabbed over with a wet baby wipe. ? I have some opalite re-inkers, which are great for doing this. Adds a little shimmer too.
Saying that well done, a blank canvas is intimidating indeed :)

Dawn said...

Looking at this I hate it...so I changed it, love the input that I have had on it though BRILLIANT to be able to ask and get critqued honestly YAY!!!

Jeanie said...

I am SO far behind in my blog visiting. This is stunning, Dawn. It makes me feel like spring. Not muddy at all, as you thought(or asked!)

I also love the books up above! I've got to get back on my regular schedule, but I do so enjoy visiting here!