Junk shop finds

I had a dental appointment today, or so I thought - when I got there I found out that the receptionist had told me todays date and booked it in for next Thursday, oh well never mind....I love the dentist anyway -NOT!!
So on the way back home I stopped of at Books and Bygones in Hayes to have a mooch.
I picked up these books

now I have a nice little selection and have to contemplate what to do with them, I have just bought Altered Book Workshop by Bev Brazelton - so with her inspiration and that precious commodity TIME I shall try and create a piece.

As I left with my books I spotted this wonderful hinged box with handle, and you know how it is I could hear it say "buy me, buy me" - so I walked back into the shop with it and said to the owner "how much do you want for this?"
My money came out of my purse faster than you can say "bargain" because I paid the princely sum of £1......oh joy of joys, I am one happy bunny I can tell you.

Once I have finished my current swaps etc. I shall think of what to do with this box to make it more special...


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn ,
I love the hinged box ...lucky you what a great find.The books look interesting too.Books and Bygones here i come.....
Love Lorraine xxx

Carol ~ Spirit's Journey Designs said...

Hi sweetie! Shopping was much better than the dentist!! Yay, awesome purchases! Hugs, Carol

mary schweitzer said...

What a wonderful day of treasure hunting you had!
I can't wait to see what you do with the case!
How big is it?
Could it be waiting to be a shrine?

Eastjewels said...

Hey Dawn..pick one of those books and lets play..altered book swap...maybe we can get Lorrine involved. OMG you are a girl after my own heart with this wooden box. The possibilities are endless...what a wonderful find.. you are a lucky girl aren't you.

gulfsprite said...

You know that box looks FANTASTIC. The books too. I think I'd have to use that box for a 'guy' gift. It just looks all masculine. Very cool find. Now I have to go to the thrift store tomorrow and look for interesting rubber soled shoes, books and boxes LOL

paru's_circle said...

your box with the handle is similar a school bag (box) i remember them being taken to school a fair number of years back

Sherry said...

WOW! This is MY kind of find. You're a lucky girl (smiles)