Color Tag Book Swap

For this swap we each had a color to work with, guess what mine was???? lol. In case you didn't guess :p
my color was pink....just joking, orange ruled in my house.
So I had to make 10 tags and the other girls will make their tags in their given color and then they will be combined to
make a color tag book. Should be fun, well I know I had fun getting ink, paint and glue on my hands creating my tags.

I am going to make this post brief as I have an awful cold and it is making me really tired.Thanks for dropping by to
check out my blog, it is much appreciated...hugs from me to you x
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Jeanie said...

Oh, aren't these fun! Now I wish I'd entered this swap! I was thinking about it, then it was full. Oh, well! Everyone will be quite thrilled with these.

So very sorry about your cold, Dawn. Hope you are feeling much better and very soon. Spring thing, perhaps? Take care!

Patty said...

Hi Dawn,

Those tags were very cute and I liked what you did with the color and images. It should be a fun swap.
Hope you are feeling better.
Best wishes,

Eastjewels said...

Hey Dawn...These tags are awesome. PINK? You go girl...You know I am the pink girl..so I love anything pink...great job..what a fun swap. I like the way you swap...you always give 101%. Glad you are feeling better...Betty Boop the red nose tissue Queen...

paru's_circle said...

love them!! save one for me, i love orange! eiffel tower one is so awesome, hugs..O

mary schweitzer said...

These are wonderful! As colorful and vibrant as the artist who did them. Your work always makes me smile.
Hope you feel better soon. Think spring!

Rosie said...

I do hope you get rid of that cold soon Dawn! Thanks for stopping by... these tags are beautiful. I love bright colours (but I hide it well!!!!)