Happy Days

Today I had a lovely surprise, a phone call from a real good friend with whom I have not spoken for a while. I managed to make contact with her again after finding her daughter on Facebook! marvelous.
Her life is all good, great job, lovely relationship with husband and girls so I am really chuffed for her - she is the type of person who makes friends whereever she goes cos she is so unassuming and friendly - welcome back to my world Bev. Stories that we could tell, that would be a whole new blog!!!
The wasp situation has been resolved - the exterminator came this evening, to my surprise there were 2 nests in 2 different places, so it was a case of spraying and keeping all doors and windows closed. Seems that I will have to wait a few days before venturing into the loft.

NO post again today, but I consoled myself by gardening. There was an abundance of weeds out the front, I think I filled 5 green bags full of weeds; amazing how they grow when all else has ceased growing. C'est la vie I suppose.

China had her first day at her work experience placement. She was well excited but said her feet were totally killing her :-) It was a long day for her 9 - 5.30 instead of the usual school hours. Had to tell her that is why they call it work experience.

Stamford went to the vet this evening to have his rabies jab, so now he is ready for his holiday, not long now Yippee.
That's it for this post

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