Wasp nest

There I was already to have a nice relaxing bath, when lo and behold I spied some "black bits" floating in the water. I couldn't work out what it was so thought I would check in the loft to see if the water tank was okay. Imagine my surprise when I found a wasp nest, much larger than the one in the image positioned above the water tank. It freaked me out when I realised the "black bits" were wasp body parts - the little darlings had obviously drowned in the water and then disintegrated and appeared in my bath water via the tap!! gross!!!!

Tomorrow I have a man coming to rid me of the little visitors, I shall have to move Enzo my parrot outside to ensure that she is safe whilst the extermination is carried out.

I will let you know how I get on - fingers crossed that I don't get stung!!

If I get the opportunity I shall photograph it to share with you

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ingeniouslycreative said...

Dear Me!!!!! Please, please be careful Dawn, those things are vicious. xoxo Carol