It's been a while

I cannot believe the time that has passed since I last wrote in my blog (and yes, I am sure that I have written that before too!).
The reason for the lack of entries into my blog is that I have been waiting for parcels. When I am waiting for parcels I cannot settle into anything until the postman has been; then when he arrives with mundane mail for me I can't settle again hoping that the said parcel will arrive the next day - so basically I am in limbo.
I am waiting for a parcel from paper whimsy (www.paperwhimsy.com) as I have joined the yahoo group for the site and want to create some wonderful work just as the artists who subscribe to the group have done! I hope that I can make as good a use of the images as the girls have done. Another parcel I am waiting for is from www.naveljellystudio.com .
My only hope is that they arrive soon as I am off to Spain for 6 weeks on the 22nd July.

Apart from that what else have I been up to?
Shopping at Bluewater - getting stuff for holidays. Reading a good book called The Island by Victoria Hislop; about Crete and the leper colony that used to be on a little Island called Spinalonga - great read, not my usual serial killer/thriller type read.
Dipped in and out of the tennis this week, as and when weather permitted, England has been a washout - so much for Summer.

Two new births to record one in the family to Jenny and Lawson and the other to my neighbours son and his wife; both girls first still to be named, second called Lucinda May which I think is really pretty.

The wedding book is still in progress, but as I said earlier my head has not been on that particular project so I have left it alone.

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