Well I took the plunge today and went to the hairdressers, I was really pleased with the resulting hair cut - Thanks John (of FOXES in Beckenham) you made me feel really good, ready to face the 46th birthday that is galloping towards me LOL.
He has made my hair a manageable length so that when I am swimming etc. and have to leave it in it's natural state (curly) it will look good.! I will then return to him in September and have a new look altogether.
Excuse the photos but I aimed the camera myself and just clicked - I don't like having photo taken at the best of times so accept apologies.


ingeniouslycreative said...

I just love it Dawn!!!!!!!!!!! You are soooo beautiful!!!!! Perfect!!! xoxox Carol

Goldbettyboop said...

You have made me blush Carol Lol.
xoxoxo I love you, my artistic friend as I record you in my address book