Wedding Guest Book Cover

Today I thought I would do something instead of mooching waiting for parcels, so I set to work on the Wedding Guests Book Cover. I was pleased with the outcome, that is until I showed it to my darling daughter! She looked at it and said "That looks something out of "My big fat Greek Wedding"; bit over the top" My face dropped, and then to add insult to injury my darling son decreed that it looked like it needed a haircut - out of the mouths of babes (or in this case teenagers). I just shrugged and said "Well I like it!!!"

I did receive a parcel today, one that I had forgotten about from Vickie Enkoff (http://www.vickieenkoff.com/) some lovely quality papers and a wicked pair of KAI scissors, they cut through UM Stamps like butter -perfection!

So this evening when my beloved family were out I sat cutting out my UM Stamps.

I am really excited because tomorrow I am going to Crafts U Love, hopefully will get my Quickutz system to take to Spain with me.

Lorraine received her parcel from Paper Whimsy (http://www.paperwhimsy.com/) lucky girl, I shall have to wait and keep fingers crossed for mine, I know that I won't get any post tomorrow as there is another strike by the postmen -DRAT!!!!


Linda Manning Findley said...

Wedding guest book is wonderful .... you did all the metal work .... I have done some but the arthritis in my hands means I can only do little bits at a time ..... really wonderful stuff ...... Linda Findley

ingeniouslycreative said...

Dawn!!!! This Wedding Guest Book is absolutely stunning!!!!! I would have given my right arm to have something this beautiful at my wedding!!!!! You are so gifted!!! Hugs, Carol