Update on wasp nest

Right, here is a picture of the wasp nest when I was loathe to get to close to it - as you can see the wasps were active at this time! NO way I was getting to close to it.

Then this picture was taken the morning after the nest had been sprayed - as you can see it was a beauty! amazing to look at.

After the nest was sprayed I had to get a fishing net and see if any had fallen into my water tank - I DID NOT want to share my bath with these "things" even if they were dead. The picture on the left shows the ones that were fished out - who knows where the rest went because I imagine that there should be a lot more than that due to the size of the nest; maybe today I will venture into the main body of the loft to see if they are dead all over the floor.
That's it for this post, may you all have a wasp free summer....


Zeborah said...

The nest is really beautiful.

I am terrified of wasps.
We had to have a nest sprayed years ago. Ifelt bad about it- but was so glad to have the wasps gone. OUr nest was underground. we did did down to it to have a look- the inside was fascnating and beautiful too.

Goldbettyboop said...

It is lovely now, I cant wait till i can remove it properly and take photos of the inside

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Wow what an huge and amazing wasps nest, can't wait to see more photos of it!