Laminating and Tattoos!

Yesterday I purchased my QK machine, so I shall have some fun with that soon. I resisted the urge to get stuck into using it when the family were out at football training. I had my heart set on another project, you know how it is, you have a job that you want to do but just dont get around to it, that has been the case with me. I had purchased all the UM stamps and needed to sort them all out, so having started by trimming and then coating with the glue, it was now time to organise.
I am well chuffed with the results, laminated sheets which I had stamped with images and then stuck them on, now they can go into ring binder folder neatly (think I did 25 sheets last night). Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it (sure my mum always used to say that - must be turning into my mum LOL)!!!

My DH went and had another tattoo done today, one that he has been wanting for a while. He was so anti tattoos before his 40th birthday, now he cant get enough of them!!!
I would dearly love a "Betty Boop" but I am too much of a coward so I cant see that ever happening. Watch this space LOL.

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