I've been tagged and now I am passing it on

Right, I have been tagged by Denise Rand http://deniseslittlebirdiestudio.blogspot.com/ and I have to pass it on to 2 others - while I decide who I will get to the purpose of this tag and list 7 interesting things about me (if I can think of 7!!!!) THIS IS JUST FOR FUN

1.I am happily married (for 16years this year) and have 3 children (2 boys [25 + 16] Daughter [15]
I am not saying that everything is always hunky dory but I love my family warts and all, I always wanted a Walton family but have my own brand of family xxxx
2. I am happiest when I am tucked away in my craft room doodling about - actually that is a lie, read 3. to see why. or in there reading a good book.

3. I AM HAPPIEST when I am buying craft stuff, browsing internet or going into shops to add to my collection.!

4. I ADORE Betty Boop, always have done, don't ask why cos I don't know - just do.
5. I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is the bestest dog in the world called Stamford, he has his own passport so he come to the villa in Spain with usand I mustn't forget my parrot Enzo who chats away and drives me to distraction when she squawks ( I love to hear her talk though) and my cat Misty.

6. I love where I live, I have the best neighbours in the world. They are always there for me. Specially Gordon, Gabby, Sam and Lorraine

they will kill me for putting this picture on (sorry Sam and Lorraine) but you do deserve a mention and I dont have photos of the others xxxx

7. I love being in Spain, when I get there I feel like I am spiritually at home - it is my fave place to be; can't wait for the day I live there This is my favourite place at the villa, on the terrace looking at sea and mountains - Heaven is a place on earth

That is it, now I am going to tag 2 people = here goes


so girls this is just for fun, hope you pass it on

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ingeniouslycreative said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for tagging me!!! I just loved reading all about you!!! and I love your Betty Boop!!!! xoxox Carol