Further adventures of Hoops and Yoyo




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So what do we have here then? The top picture is Hoops and Yoyo getting all excited as they were being very brave and going out with Jazz in his car on a driving lesson? Don't worry mom they had their seat belts on!
The second picture is of Hoops and Yoyo at Biggin Hill. Biggin Hill is where my kids go to school (about 3 miles from my house) so I thought that they should have their photos taken at this historic site. During the Battle of Britain Biggin Hill was one of the many airbases that the R.A.F. flew out of in the defence of England and I am proud to live near such an historic place, Hoops and Yoyo were really excited about the Spitfires but couldn't get too close so they sat on the roof of my car and posed (very good at posing they were too)
Hoops and Yoyo couldn't get over how small this door was, consider that I am 5' 3" and you can see how small it is, they sat on the jamb above the door squealing with delight!
Now the final picture for today - Hoops and Yoyo are eyeing up a helping of ??????
shall I tell you? One, two, three - JELLIED EELS!!!!! they were sooooooooo not impressed, Hoops went a shade of green darker and I thought Yoyo was going to turn green too lmao. They watched with me in disgust as my husband ate them all YUK!!!! Jellied eels are loved by Londoners and as my husband is a Londoner born and raised he loves them....
So that is it for today, I will share more pics with you tomorrow.
Bye, bye for Hoops, Yoyo and me xxxx


Jeanie said...

What a cute little shop and little door! It's like a fairy house! Hoops and YoYo must be enjoying their visit and their stepfamily! (But not the eels!)

peggy gatto said...

I am catching up and love the idea that they are getting a little history of your town. Too funny, comment about yoyo and eels!!!!! You are definitely the Queen of hostessing!!!