Vintage Decos

Here are some Vintage Decos that I have worked on for girls in the Treasure Art Trends yahoo group
The top one is made from a postcard I received from Linda East I have incorporated 2 antique pen nibs and a little bottle with "ink" in it. The background paper is from B-Muse owned by the delightful Vickie Mack at the time of writing this I could not link to her site??!

The second one was created using a Tim Holtz stamp and then adding some small embellishments. Hope the recipients like them

Just thought I would let you know that China went for her audition on the X Factor (for those of you who don't know it is a bit like Pop Idol except that in this competition there are different categories - i.e. Up to 25, Over 25's and Male and female groups)
She waited 9 hours and then got called up. What happened? they asked her a trick question "What is your name?" and she froze. She got the shakes and couldn't sing! Not the end of the world but try telling that to a 15 year old who is angry with herself....! I told her that she can always try next year if she wants to and that she should be proud of the fact that she entered. Time is a healer and I know this won't stop her singing.
Hoops and Yoyo have departed these shores and are heading to their next destination.
God speed


Wabbit said...

Oh the poor kid! Lucky for her she has such a great, level-headed, supportive mom! You rock, Dawn!

Pearl Maple said...

Great Decos
You have so many wonderful creative posts on your blog it is a lovely place to visit.

Thanks again for hosting last month's goodie box for the ABAltered Book Challenge. There is so much goodness packed in that box I am still working my way through it all.

Jeanie said...

These are both lovely. I especially like the one with fashion that looks like a giant tag.

What a bummer about China's audition. I know she must feel terribly, but I hope she doesn't beat herself up on it too much. It's hard, though. Anything's hard at 15, too...