Meeting Gale

So today was an exciting day for Lorraine and I, the moment had arrived when we were going to meet Gale, yes Gale "a la Paper Whimsy" - I was so nervous about driving there but Lorraine and I managed to work out how to get there without going on the M25. The day was sunny and bright and we set of like Thelma and Louise with the roof down on my car.
45 minutes later we were pulling up outside the door to Sheila and Peter's house (Just William), set in such a beautiful idyllic location.
Gale came to the door to greet us and she was just sooooooooo warm and friendly, we relaxed in her company straight away. She then introduced us to her MIL and SIL and Draw, it was so cool!
Gale had brought over a PW order that Lorraine and I had placed before she left so we got our delightful goodies all beautifully gift wrapped and an extra little gift too.
Lorraine and I gave her some Belgian Chocolates, Wine and Fairy Cakes (couldn't have given her any other type of cakes now could we!)
The conversation flowed and a great time was had by all, really I cannot believe how relaxed and friendly it was.
Hoops and Yoyo were introduced to Gale and other members of the family and I told them all about their adventures in England, Gale was stoked to hear all about what they got up to.
Took some photos to share with you all....

l to r - Yoyo, Lorraine, Gale, Dawn and Hoops in Sheila's garden.

Draw had to have his photo taken with the delightful duo and their teddy bear.

Hoops and Yoyo couldn't come to England without having a tea party now could they?

Gale presenting Lorraine with her prize for winnng the Fairy Slipper Contest that was held recently. She told Lorraine that she had done a great job and told me that she was so proud of my slippers knowing how I hate sewing, how I conquered my demons!
So there you have it, for those who are going to the PW Sleepover in September, let me tell you all that you will LOVE Gale she is fabulous.
Thanks Gale for a great day and big Thanks to your In Laws for allowing us to impose on their home....


carylsrealm said...

Awww! This is SO sweet!
Thanks for sharing with us!

catworx said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun, Dawn!!! I loved seeing the pix of all of you along with Hoops & Yoyo. What fun to get your order personally delivered!!! Thanks for sharing your day!
BTW, what is M25? Is that a scary driving road?

barbara burkard said...

oh my goodness!!! YOU ALL ARE JUST SOOOO DARN CUTE!!!! I was really bummed that i missed your call!!!! (stomp stomp!)...oh my goodness!!! hoops and yoyo will need a book of photos just to keep up with their great adventures...and your's is the FIRST STOP!!!
big hugz!''p.s. i've saved your message on my phone...so i can listen to you...hee hee..

Carol Stocker said...

Hi Dawn! It's so great to see a photo of the three of you... Lorraine, Gale and you! Woo-hoo...what a fun day you had...I wish I were there to meet you to. Hugs, Carol

Eastjewels said...

Ok I know postage is expensive...but is it cheaper for Gale and Draw to personally deliver their orders now? Just kidding Looks like you guys had a great visit.
Luv Mum

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

These are fabulous pics and I am green with envy (in a good way) that you had time with Gale and Draw.

The photo of the three of you is so flipping beautiful!!! I don't know who has more gorgeous complexion...stunning. Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure.

xo Rella

mary schweitzer said...

What fun for you all!

Jeanie said...

That's so very cool and sounded like so much fun! I'm glad you posted it all -- what a blast!