Hoops and Yoyo




So time to update you on what HOOPS and YOYO have been up to. Yesterday they got into the excitement of the F.A. Cup Final which this year was between Portsmouth and Cardiff; Portsmouth won 1-0. Hoops and Yoyo got into it all and were both glad that they had sided with the winning team....they were awed by the singing from the fans and the general good nature of the day.
Earlier in the day they were introduced to Betty Boop, I think they both developed a crush for this beauty and were fighting to be the closest to her as they had their picture taken!
They also had a ride on Betty's dog, they thought this was such a hoot!
To calm them down I showed them the shrine that I had received from Mary and the Fairy in a dell from Theresa, they were excited to meet the Watering Can Fairy that their mum had sent over from the States as part of the Paper Whimsy Anniversary swap.
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peggy gatto said...

Who's having more fun? you, me or hoops and yoyo???/ This is exactly what I had wanted to happen!! thanks so much! I will send you the address on monday!

Eastjewels said...

Uhoh...BB is flirthing with Hoops and Yoyo...you better watch out.
Luv Mum