Backgrounds Anyone?


Thought I would share these in case anyone wants to use them in backgrounds, I know how creative bloggers are...
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Eastjewels said...

Oh Wow honey these are so beautiful. I am going to save them to use in the Digital Class that Christy is teaching over on AAG. Thanks a million...Luv Mum

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Dawn! Lovely photos!

Thanks for coming to visit!

Lisa :)

Bev said...

Aww Thanks Dawn I know I can use these beautiful flowers in my work!!!

Renee said...

Dawn I love the picture. But mostly I love you.

I want to thank you for your comment today. So true about the sickening pricks that live forever.

I will be your sister and I can tell you I have 8 of them and you would love everyone of them.


Love Renee