St Patricks and ATC Blocks

I had a totally unreal morning today... I went to the post office and posted off this St Patricks collage for my PW swap partner - Christy Laudrig. Got home, reading the PW posts and looking at the other girlies collages and had the most awful panic attack.
It was so bad I was wishing I could run back to the post office and get the collage back to start over again.
Talk about a gibbering wreck, hot and cold sweats, heavy breathing, feelings of inadequacy - unbelievable...never felt so vunerable and crappy...! oh well it has gone and had feedback and not as bad as I perceive it to be - I hope that feeling NEVER comes back!

Then I thought, hey you know what if you fell of a horse you would get right back on it, so I decided blow it, lets get on and do the ATC block for the Swap being run by Sarah... this is a fabulous idea and I totally love the dimensions you can get with working on a block...


And on the top a cotton reel


Angela said...

hehe.. I love the block idea. And I -really- love the tape measure around it like that. Too cute!

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

That is so cool-I love the way it looks! And your collage is excellent too. Love the images and elements you used. I think we always judge ourselves too harshly. Tell that inner critic to hush :]

Carol Stocker said...

Hello sweetness!!! I think your St. Patty's collage is beautiful and your 3-D ATC is spectacular. Dawn, you are a talented, creative & innovative artist! Sending you love across the pond...Hugs, Carol

Sarah said...

Dawn Your art is amazing....you know someone told me once it doesnt matter what others think only what you do!!! You are so talented and lovely and I am so glad to have met you. Your ATC block is so stunning I love all the elements xxxxxx

Sarah said...
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Dorthe said...

Hallo dear, and thanks for your wonderfull comments on my dolls at JoAnnA`s-thought I would take a "trip" here on your blog, and oh my, I love what you are doing.This blog idea, wonderfull, and what you did with it, georgeus.

Se you on the workshop
Hugs Dorthe

Renee said...

Oh Dawn, panic attacks are an awful thing to have.

Your art is beautiful and I know that whatever you create people will love.

Love Renee

ARTifact & whimsy said...

Oh my dear! I have panic attacks all the time and they suck! But it really does only matter what you think :) Like I've said before i love ALL YOUR ART! Honest!! You've got it down pat you have your own style and I LOVE it! I want one of these atc blocks!!! I LOVE yours!! Keep up the work and try to ignore your inner critic! Your awesome!!
Dawn Marie