So the 2nd collage sheet and Poem was received, and so I set to work. (For those of you who might be new to my blog - this is a challenge over on Paper Whimsy )
Every fortnight we get to download a poem and collage sheets with elements on it, 5 x 5 sized background. We then have to make a collage ourselves and share it with the group. The only stipulation if you request the collage sheet is that you have to submit your piece and use another Paper Whimsy image... There are beautiful images on Paper Whimsy, if you haven't visited then you really don't know what you are missing - and hey you can get sheets to download straight to your printer now so don't have to wait for the postman!
I have used all the collage elements as required and the little girl is my choice for this Quote.
I changed the bird from a Green bird to a robin to add a splash of color to the spread. As it was called moss I bought some moss from a modelling shop to add a bit of texture in keeping with the poem...

Read the poem, it is so delightful - how could you fail to not "feel" this poem...

This book will be so gorgeous when it is filled with qoutes... I am looking forward to the next quote already!!!

"MOSS" by Hilda Conkling

Green velvet to look upon.
Shaped and woven of tiny trees
Soft velvet to make a pillow for the birds
Or flowers when they go to sleep,
Velvet rugs for the footsteps of the wind
(Though he leaves no footprints behind him.)
I too have felt that softness:
I have heard the wind pass and return
And stoop down to whisper
Among the trees of the moss-forest.

As Always a big THANK YOU for dropping by, knowing that you do makes me continue with my blog :-)


SarahD said...

Wow Dawn stunning, love the Moss amazing as always. I am very excited for the next quote roll on sunday xxx

Renee said...

Dawn your journal book is going to be fantastic. What art you have entered here.


Love Renee

Rosie said...

Dawn - what a gorgeous page, chock full of harmonising greens and wonderful textures! I love the moss - great touch!

Val Foster said...

Oh my Dawn -- this is simply beautiful. I love the poem, the colors, the textures, the images. I love it all. Kudos to you, girl. I'm so glad I stopped by your blog to find this eye candy and inspiration.

Eastjewels said...

This spread would have been perfect in my book "Where the Green Fern Grows" what a coincidence that you happen to have my book..hummmmm...Luv Mum

Debi Minter from WY said...

Dawn, your page spread is amazing! I'm from the Pacific Northwest transplanted in where everything is flat and brown. I miss the moss so much on the cedar and pine trees. This poem spoke to my heart, and your artwork is wonderful.

Sharon said...

I really love your work.I live where the moss grows, in WA in the foothills of the cascade mountains.I really thought you caught the essence of the poem. Sharon

Linda said...

Hi Dawn - I'm so glad I found your blog; this is a stunning piece of artwork. I love it! I especially like how you've made it very individual to you.
Great work...
Linda :-)

Renee said...

You seriously kick ass at journaling. xoxoxo