A bit of Creativity on my holiday

Thought I would share with you some of my creations this week. Bearing in mind that it is incredibly hot I thought I would just PLAY!
This is what I came up with. A canvas...

I was inspired by the view from my window for this piece. The sea was such a glorious color with white peaks.. hence this piece is predominantly turquoise. I added Golden Glass beads and Viva Turquoise Paint pen and splashed white arcylic paint. My husbands verdict...."ooh where can I hang that" he LOVED it as did China. My lot don't get the girls I put in my pieces... each to their own taste :-)


Then I worked on this pair of glasses, all that is required now is the chain to hang it on... Viva Crackle Glass Paint on the back. Stamped flower image and then a couple of brads...not sure about these but it's fun to play!


I brought some spoons along to make some more pendants, this one is "Ribbons and Pearls" with one of my favourite PW girls.

This spoon has an Artchix gal on it, some ribbon, Tim Holtz floral piece and a piece of ribbon topped with a butterfly.


I love creating pieces for China to wear, this was done with a Tim Holtz acrylic tag. Stamped on, image pasted with golden matte medium and some silver tape around the edge, she loves it x

And finally as China loved the canvas I made at the start of this post I created this for her Birthday on Sunday - She is quite a minimalist kinda gal, so this was a plain old canvas, painted white, then some Teal colored paint added (color of her room at home is teal and white) and then I used my trusted Viva Paint Pen and did some silver swirl pearls...

The holiday is still going well, Jazz home tonight so that will put a different dynamic to it. China's friend is trying persuade her mum to let her fly out Monday to Friday next week, hope she can. Her mum is worried about her flying by herself, I asked myself would I let China fly on her own at 17 and the answer would be yes, they have to spread their wings and fly as they grow... China is crossing her fingers and toes.

I am definitely going to have to watch my weight, scales this morning showed up as 10 stone... I was never that heavy during my 3 pregnancies - a sure sign that age is making me hold on to every pound I put on, I want to enjoy the hols but don't want the angst of loosing the weight after so everything will have to be in moderation!!!!
Enough already, don't want to bore you xxxx


Christy Laudig said...

Wow!! You've been quite busy haven't you now! Love the spoons...they're my fav. Oh but wait...I do love the pendant too. Do you think China would miss it?? Tee! Hee!!! Glad you're having such a wonderful time.

As for the traveling at 17 by one's self? I might have let Amelia do that if someone was going to be waiting for her on the other end to collect her straight away.

How much longer are you on Holiday? We still have 6 days left! Yippee!

Jill said...

Hi Dawn.. I can already tell that I am going to love your blog!
I signed your follower list.. I hope you do the same!

Jeanie said...

Hi, Dawn,

I'm so behind, catching up on blogs after France. It's good to finally connect with yours! I have to say those paintings are so beautiful -- you simply inspire me! I've been derelect in art activities this summer! Have a lovely time!

Renee said...

Dawn the work looks wonderful and how nice to get away.

I am wishing China a happy birthday.

Love to you.

Renee xoxo

barbara burkard said...

oh i for some reason never noticed your little dawn in the mirror icon of yourself!!! i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! (and the turquoise canvas is TDF!!!) ((lol...matches our new "beach" themed bedroom...lol...have a great rest of your vacation!