MARKS 50th Present

(ooops the bottom image needs turning, will sort out later)
Just having a break from all the summer holiday preparations. As we haven't been to Spain since Christmas I am really looking forward to this holiday. So much to do, documents and papers, clothes and shoes, and not forgetting my crafting supplies.
I have decided this year to take some spectacles and spoons, journals with the necessary pens and pics to record. Books to read and lots of sun creams.
Jazz is going for a week at the start of the holiday and then back home before joining us again at the end of the holiday. Funny to think that he is working and has pre-season football training now, all grown up!
China is not impressed as he won't be in Spain for her Birthday, can you believe that a year has come and gone since she turned Sweet 16 - unbelievable. But time moves on as we all know.
The images in this post are of a boxed canvas photo frame that I made for my mate Sam's husband, Mark - the big 50 for him today. They are in Rome until tomorrow so I shall give it to him on Wednesday, hope he likes it!!! :)

I was so pleased to find a box of clock pieces when I went into town last week, and more so when I got them at a bargain price - the clock in the canvas was in the tin with all the pieces, result!

As I said busy, busy so I shall crack on now. Happy day to you wherever you are xxx


Nicki said...

Dawn - that is a beautiful gift! - N

KV Creative Designs said...

Dawn this is AWESOME!!! Great work!
Artful Blessings,

sandy said...

Welcome to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!