Sharing my holiday

Thought I would take a bit of time out whilst it is still cool (can 29 degrees be classed as cool) to share with you my holiday so far.
First rather worrying fact I feel the pounds settling on my hips :) the joys of being on holiday, eating out at fabulous restaurants and having 3 courses! not my usual fare but heck that's what hols are for right, to break from the norm. I did plan to go on the running machine this morning but it was all folded up so will ask hubby to set it up for me and try and do a "little" everyday (and believe me I mean little!
The swimming pool is my favourite place, heavenly to just dip in when the heat gets overpowering... and I have my little spot in the jacuzzi to sit and read, what more can a girl ask for

this will be my reading material today, read the 1st one this week, I was going to dive straight into this but decided to read John Grisham's "The Associate" - that's done so now I can read some more of the Twilight series... I found the 1st book totally absorbing, not my normal read but compulsive reading once you start... Lorraine I will be able to talk to you about it now, bet you are on to the last one aren't you?
Now I prepped a moleskine before I came away with the intention of journalling, packed it in a bag with my c'arandache crayons (never remember how to spell that) and guess what..... hubby didn't pack THAT bag! I walked the dog, thought he packed everything, trusted that he did - big mistake, HUGE... cos he didn't. Fortunately I did have a moleskine that had not been prepped or anything and my pitt pens in another bag so I started doodling and this is my first effort in that journal. I don't know about you but moleskines are so delicious that I worry about using them in case I spoil them, but hey ho this has been forced on me so I held my breathe, put the first color on the page and now all I have to do is carry on with it.
I still need to work on faces, so practise, practise and more practise is required.

The words in this spread are from the song Never been to me by Charline - I love this song and I think this journal will be based on songs I love...
Been working on a couple of spoons - in various stages of creation but this is a finished one...

I added a filigree corner to make wings and then rusted the arm of the spoon wit Viva Ferro paints. Added an image to the spoon and embellished with swavorski crystals... voila a finished Angel spoon.

And here I am taking a photo of my reflection, when you live with a teenage daughter with a figure to die for best not to take a photo in a bikini in a normal shot - so cheat and accept that your body is not what it once was.... won't it be funny to take another one further into the holiday to see if all that eating mentioned earlier is visible on the hips lmao!

Anyway girlies (and boys) Thanks for dropping by, will fill you in on my holiday as it progresses - one final thought it is not all about reading and sunbathing, oh no... this girl has also had some retail therapy and got some fab new clothes etc.... hubby thinks he needs to take me in to Alicante to buy some craft stuff as he feels guilty for leaving my beloved crayons at home - bring it on!!! Adios Love Ya xxx


barbara burkard said...

...THANKS for sharing sweetie!!! love the post!!! (and pics!!)

hugz and love!

Linda East said...

OMG Honey...I want to be there so bad. It looks so beautiful. I love your latest spoon design...the "wings" are perfect. You should let Stewart take you shopping for some new crayons..most definitely! I am thinking this holiday is just what all of you needed..even if Jaz doesn't get to be there the whole time...Love You Mum

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey .....
Well you do look like you're having fun...lol
The pool looks like paradise , wish i was there too .
Love the new journal page .
Your old man has a few things to answer for , leaving your stuff behind , yeah right ...lol
Love and hugs
Lorraine xxx

Noah's Mommy said...

Looks like an amazing time indeed....and omg..the last one of the twilight...by far the best....

Jeanie said...

OK, my dear -- about that swimsuit photo. I don't want to hear one work about weight gain, because you look absolutely fabulous! Take it from one whose hips are bigger than two or three of yours!

I've never done an art journal/moleskine, though a small one for notetaking came with me to France. I think I'm like you -- I'm afraid I'll ruin them! Have fun!

Renee said...

You are totally looking hot.