Napkins, Journals and a little boy

Ever had that feeling when you feel as if your life is about to be derailed and you question how you are going to deal with the crash when it happens. Well that has been my life for the last few months. But I am happy to report that everything is sorted and I now feel like I can exhale and live.
This post is to share with you delightful napkins I received as part of a Paper Whimsy swap. Amazing to think that there are soooooooooo many napkins out there in the big wide world. They work great in art work.

Then I picked up my pens - Coppic pens in this instance and drew this girl in my moleskine. I really want to improve my faces and this is my latest creation. I added napkins to and the John Miles classic "Music was my first love" was playing on the radio so I just added the words. Today was fun, as I felt re-born!

And this gorgeous little boy is the reason that I have been holding my breathe. Due to circumstances there was a possibility that he would have to live with our family for a time. I have been thinking about the changes the family would have had to make to bring him into the fold. Fortunately alls well and he will be staying home with his mummy.
I am happy about this, funny isn't it when you realise why you had your children when you were younger.Forgot what it was like to run around after a little one, how much time they take up in the day. With my children all being "grown up" and not reliant on me I was kinda dreading going back - don't get me wrong I would have done it, I could never have seen this little guy going into the care system... so now I can feel a weight of my shoulders, my head is clear and I can go back to doing me things.

I am happy to say I feel like I am back xxx


Adrienne Goodenough said...

I looked after my grandson from 10 months to 15 months to prevent him being fostered out, when I was 49. His mother was young and suffering from post natal depression, and had no support form her own family.

It was a huge responsibility - you feel it more when it is not your own child, somehow - and very hard work, even though he was lovely. He was still waking up in the night, every night. Eventually his very young mother felt able to cope and he went back to live with her again.

I see him often, and everything turned out for the best and I'm glad I did it, but yes, that's why we have our children when we're younger!

Genie said...

Hi Dawn
Glad all has worked out well for you. take care and have a great weekend

Tami Roth said...

Hello, Dawn,
I'm glad everything has worked out for the best and am glad you can breathe easier now. Take care of yourself and go make art!! Love your journal entry and face drawing-wow-so talented!

Renee said...

Who is the little boy Dawn? He sure is cute.

I've missed you and glad you are back.

Everything you said regarding kids and disrupting your life or a better word, adjusting your life makes complete sense. We raised our kids, now we want it to be about us.

Love you.

Renee xooxx