The Keeping Gallery

I went with China to a delightful Gallery this evening with China and was amazed at what I saw.
The Gallery is in a suburb of London called Shortlands, it is in the home of the actual artist Renate Keeping. Renate came to England in the 1930's to escape Nazi Germany as her family were Jewish. She met and married a gentile, Charles Keeping and was very happy with him. Click on the title to view her work it will amaze you.
Renate told us that she went to art college and was a Water Color painter first, her husband was a renowned illustrator of books. The Keeping Gallery exhibits her husbands work and her own.
I cannot describe to you how enthralled I was by her work. She showed us her life story which is done in a unique way (China took pictures) but if you go to the site go into the Gallery room. Here you will see pieces of her work on display with an explanation.
The apple room, well that shows apples from a fresh, ripe apple to a decayed apple all made out of fabric. Renate has no background in sewing she just did it...
Oh yes when you see her work close up, it is hand painted and hand sewn, inspiration came from objects she found that evoked memories - I am not good at explaining this but I so want you to share the experience I had.
I am going to return to spend time looking at her husband's work, this lady is 79 years old and so enthusiastic and inspirational.
That is my post for today, hope you have flash player on your computer because you so need it to experience her web site
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carma said...

I just love going to artsy places, too.

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greedygrace said...

Those apples are so neat! I wish I had that kind of artistic talent!

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Penelope said...

Welcome to SITS! I don't have flash player, but I enjoy reading your posts.


Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing.

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Jeanie said...

I will have to visit Renate's site. It sounds so very moving!